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Private Label Program

The Pro1 Private Label program was designed to make your brand the focus of the installation.  Many other Private label programs make your company's name secondary to there thermostat brand.  At Pro1, we'll put your brand front and center; where it should be.  The Pro1 private label program also doesn't require you to stock expensive thermostat inventory.  Just buy what you need.  Snap off the Pro1 brand and snap on your brand.  It couldn't be easier.

How hard can it be ?

  • Carefully slide a screwdriver into the bottom edge of the badge. 

  • Gently turn the screwdriver counter clockwise.

  • The badge is held on by magnet and should pry off easily.  No need to use force.

  • Complete and send the Private Label Form to

  • iTemp will print and send your customer badges to your location.

  • Simply replace Pro1 badges with your company's badge.

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