Pro1 Thermostats

Heavy Duty Product for HVAC Professional


The 800 family of thermostats has a striking design and the perfect blend of sophisticated features and ease of use. The universal models have advanced features that re great for light commercial applications

Single Stage

1 Heat 1 Cool

Non- Programmable

Single Stage

1 Heat 1 Cool

7 Day or 5/1/1 or 

Non - Programmable


2 Heat 2 Cool Conventional

3 Heat 2 Cool Heat Pump

7 Day or 5/1/1 or 

Non - Programmable

Residential/ Light Commercial

Your Comfort is a touch away


The Pro1 Difference


Easy Operation

Homeowners and installers love our simple operation. From installation to programming all of our products work the same. 


Make the money you deserve without being compromised by low retail prices. We offer great margins to help make your business as profitable as possible. 


Pro1 pride their business on being the best value in the industry. With Pro1 you get a feature-rich thermostat for a great price. 

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