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About iTemp


iTemp has 10 years of industry knowledge and is a leading distribution company of Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning components for Australia and New Zealand. 

Currently we have exclusive distribution agreements with accredited manufactures, which have established market dominance in the field of manufacturing innovative products in the global Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning service industry.


iTemp is a sole distributor of Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning components in Australia and New Zealand. A small sample from the extensive product list exists, which includes iStands, switches, Pro1 Thermostats, and iDuct PVC duct. 

iTemp has the capacity to develop, design and manufacture innovative products to suit customer specifications.


iTemp is changing the speed of the industry by operating with our advanced automotive distribution facility that assists us to constantly increase our level of productivity.


Our accredited partner manufacturers allow us to confidently engage the Australian and New Zealand Heating Ventilation Air-conditioning industry. Our effective communication system provides transparency, which helps promote our customers business and provide strategies to boost their performance.


iTemp’s practices and concepts are structured to be the sole provider of Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning components to the Australian and New Zealand market place.

iTemp’s business achievements are based on our excellent customer support, our advanced automotive distribution facility and our accredited manufacturing partners.

Our beliefs are simple in what we symbolise in the current market.


HVAC made simple.

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