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Online spare parts portal ensures speedy next day delivery

With a new spare parts warehouse recently opened in Perth, Fujitsu General has significantly improved the spare parts ordering and delivery process for Western Australia from weeks to days.

Complemented by a newly introduced e-commerce platform, Fujitsu Assist is improving the efficiency and accuracy of the ordering process and servicing of Fujitsu air conditioning systems nationally.

The Fujitsu Assist online parts ordering portal can now be accessed by all authorised partners as well as external service technicians. The new portal allows all Fujitsu General customers to benefit from live, up-to-date product information and pricing, with a quick expedited parts delivery service.

Since launching in June 2016 to key Fujitsu dealers, more than 85 per cent of users agree that it has met their needs and saves time when ordering.

Moreover, 70 per cent find the portal easy to use and understand the information on the website. The system has a

simple part number or model search field that will display all the relevant part information.

Users have the ability to see live data such as stock availability and current pricing, with a shopping cart for all orders, along with the ability to order parts for warranty claims.

Fujitsu Assist customers can create accurate quotes instantly, including estimated delivery times and pricing, which can be searched with the customer quickly.

Once the quote has been approved it can be swiftly processed. Other features include: a personal account where orders can be viewed and re-ordered; a live chat feature with Fujitsu Assist; an address book to store multiple address details, access to consignment notes and delivery information, and the ability to save shopping carts.

The e-commerce parts website has 1200 registered users who can conveniently access the platform from the desktop or mobile.

For more information visit or contact Fujitsu General on 1300 364 484.

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