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iTemp Australia teams up with Pro 1 Technologies.

Pro 1 technologies, is a leading thermostat manufacture based in the United States. Their founding vision was to invent, manufacture and sell high value products exclusively to professionals. Since Pro1’s inception 10 years ago they have been dedicated exclusively to the professional HVAC channel. Pro1’s full range of thermostats simplifies installation and generates future business. The standard subbase, simple user interface, and large displays make Pro1 the simplest yet advanced thermostats on the global market today. "We believe the complexed HVAC industry needs to be simplified for installers to focus on the more important aspects of their business. iTemp Australia and Pro1 thermostats will provide a simplistic solution for any thermostat problem in the ANZ HVAC qualified trade." Enthusiastically said by director Justin Declase.

Thermostat Range Coming in 2018

T600 Family All Pro 1 thermostats come with 5 years warranty. The T600 family is designed for the basic heating and cooling needs. This thermostat family has great value and are simple to install and use.

T700 Family The T700 family of thermostats offers the most commonly desired features at a great value. These models are easy to use and will provide years of reliable service. Available 4" or 6" clear display screen.

T800 Family With an 8" clear screen display and up to 3 heat and 2 cool stages, the T800 family is perfect for any regular install or retrofit. T800 family also has easy wire colour coded terminal blocks and universal subbases, making HVAC simple.

T900 Family. A 13" touchscreen display showing very large numbers in a bright and easy-to-read screen. Up to 3 heat and 2 cool stages and 7 day programmable, the T900 family is an advanced thermostat range which provides the simplest way to manage HVAC systems.

Check out the introduction video, it goes into details about some of the benefits from the Pro1 thermostat range.


Stay tuned for the product launch early next year. For more information about the Pro1 thermostat range, feel free to contact

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